We humans are born with lot of mysteries. Knowingly or unknowingly our life is driven by the attempt to unfold these mysteries to ourselves, which goes on till we die. These mysteries are, after all, the key to the treasure of truth which gives us happiness. It varies from person to person and depends on how (s)he tries to unfold them. At some point of time everyone will have a specific viewpoint about these mysterious elements of life and some will try to express these findings through different mediums. (s)he may be called a philosopher, an artist, a poet, a writer, a scientist or even a communist or a terrorist.

Through ‘Wilson Periera’ I have tried to express my view points with the help of animation (as a form of storytelling). In the process of finding the treasure of happiness we all are made to see the world with the eyes of society, religion, and politics which stops us from seeing the world with the naked eye of a bare human being. In this film I have tried to show how the world we live in is controlled by a hand full of people or the so called Big Brothers who fabricate truth by distorting facts or by passing disinformation to the gullible.

The Film tries to bring out the concept through a story of a man called Wilson Periera who is the village cemetery keeper and his search to find out the mystery behind the missing pets- a school of five small fish- from his house.

I hope the film will give u a visual treat and generate sparks that might trigger further thoughts.

Peace and clear skies.

Dhaneesh Jameson